“Special Olympics gave me a sense of pride, people got to know me, I feel more respected and well known. Special Olympics gave me the faith and hope that I never found. I hope to become an assistant coach some day.”

Ismael Falzon, Runner.

“I have found so many friends in Special Olympics, I am never feel alone or lonely now. I meet my friends twice a week to train and have fun, and we love each other. We also chat daily on ‘Facebook’. I am so happy now and my parents are happy too. Everybody saw me on TV when I won the Sport Men of the year award. It feels great!”

Michael Calleja, Footballer.

“All my family used to go and watch my sister play in tournaments. Now my parents come to watch and support me too. They even came to see me swim in Spain and Greece. I won! I am a champion like my sister, and my parents are proud of me.”

Alexia Wettz, Swimmer.

“I always had doubts, and maybe I did not believe. But when I saw my son running against other athletes in Italy I really couldn’t believe my eyes. My son was sprinting his heart out with a smile and with pride. Although he didn’t win, the priceless improvement in his mobility and with such confidences was unexplainable. Yes I had tears of joy in my eyes. I was not ashamed never again… Thank you Special Olympics.”

Marisa Dimech, mother of Stephen Dimech, Footballer and Runner