Young Athletes Program

The Young Athletes Program is another year-round sports training program designed for children with intellectual disabilities aged between 2 and 7.

This program focuses on fun activities that help develop mental and physical growth from a very early stage and introduces young children to the world of sports and the world of Special Olympics.

This offers these children to learn new things, play, exercise, and have lots of fun.

Through this Program, the children also develop better social skills, gain confidence and improve their communication skills.

The effect of the Young Athletes Program is not only seen on the field. It helps the children in many other ways and also helps the families to benefit from it at home.

So far, Special Olympics Programs around the world have brought the Young Athletes Program to more than 50,000 children.

Since its official launch in February 2010, the Young Athletes Program in Malta has become one of the most popular programs. The number of registered young athletes is increasing rapidly.

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