Healthy Athletes Program

The Healthy Athletes program offers free health services and information to athletes in need around the World.

Special Olympics has become the largest global public health organization dedicated to serving people with intellectual disabilities and to date, it has provided free health screening to millions of athletes in more than 100 countries around the world.

The Healthy Athletes program currently offers health screening in seven different areas namely, Fit Feet (podiatry), Fun fitness (physical therapy), Health Promotion (better health and well-being), Healthy Hearing (audiology), MedFest (sports physical exam), Opening Eyes (vision) and Special Smiles (dentistry).

It also educates the athletes on healthy lifestyle choices and identify problems that may need additional follow-up.

The Healthy Athletes Program in Malta was officially launched in September 2011 and was tied in with the first official edition of the Special Olympics Malta National Games. The program, spread over 5 days enabled all athletes participating in the program to be screened. This was done via specialized equipment sent from Europe and the U.S.A by Special Olympics International and additional equipment that provided by the Ministry for Health.

Around 400 athletes including guest athletes from Special Olympics Italy, were screened for ears, eyes, feet and general health and were provided with related medical products free of charge.

Special Olympics Malta athletes have also benefited from the Healthy Athletes Program screening in various countries during national and international sports events such as the 2011 Summer World Games in Greece, Poland European games in 2010, Portugal 2009 football European tournament and others.

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